Skyblock: With BobertPickle. WE FOUND A FRIEND! (Minecraft 1.15.2 EP:3)

I’ve teamed up with BobertPickle (Link to his channel below – check it out and subscribe!) and we are playing Skyblock.

Finally we got the mob farms working. Bobert’s is supplying us with food and mine is giving us a truck load of angry mobs.

And it is time to free a zombie villager from his zombieness….

Watch Boberts perspective here

Comment below any thoughts or ideas you think we should try.

We hope to have a new episode out every Tuesday/Wednesday and we may occasionally have an individual episode out on the weekend. Probably will be streaming also from time to time so please check out and follow us on Twitch.


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Music Credit: Асим & GaTTi – Best Days (2017)