Minecraft: Best Ever Automatic Wheat Farm

Minecraft: Best Farms – Wheat
I am looking at all the farms in Minecraft and determining which farm is the Best of the Best.
Testing each farm on all versions of Minecraft 1.8+ and placing working farms into the appropriate playlists.

Why this is the Best of the Best: This is a simple but efficient wheat farm that is very reliable. It uses very little readstone. It is scalable and reasonable cheap to build.

Have an idea for a great farm or know one better than this? Comment in the video or tweet including #FizediBestFarms

Shopping List:
Glass x 60
Dirt x 60
Brown coat Villager x 1
Powered Rails x 14
Normal Rails x 70
Chest x 2
Redstone Block x 11
Comparator x 1
Repeater x 1
Redstone Torch x 1
Glowstone x 3
Gate x 1
Hopper Minecart x 1
Hopper x 1
Water Bucket x 1
Hoe x 1
Seeds x 10 stacks

Music Credit: Thief in the Night Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)