Minecraft: Best Automated Cactus Farm

Minecraft: Best Automated Farms – Cactus
I am looking at all the farms in Minecraft and determining which farm is the Best of the Best.
Testing each farm on all versions of Minecraft 1.8+ and placing working farms into the appropriate playlists.

Why this is the Best of the Best: This is very easy to build and contains no redstone. It is also scalable.

Cacti vs. cactuses
Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English. Cactuses is the English plural. Dictionaries list both, and neither is right or wrong. Also, like many names of plants, the uninflected cactus is sometimes treated as plural. What do you use? Comment below…

Have an idea for a great farm or know one better than this? Comment in the video or tweet including #FizediBestFarms

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