How to make Super Easy Villager Breeder For Minecraft 1.14+ (Tutorial) 1.15.2

This is the easiest villager breeder that can easily be built on day one. Version 1.14 and up.

Here is a very simple villager breeder that requires no redstone and relies on bad behaving baby villagers.

World Download:

Materials Needed:
15 Glass (optional can be any full blocks)
63 Solid Blocks of your choice
16 Trapdoors
55 Slabs
3 Ladders
3 Torches
5 Beds
1 Bucket of water
2 Villagers

Go check out BobertPickle. He came up with this fantastic design.

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NOTE: All my videos are played using the Minecraft Java
version on a PC. Other platforms and versions may
behave differently. If unsure test it out in a local test
world before applying it to your live world.