MineSaga SkyBlock 1.0: S1E9 – OP Beginners Cobble Generator (X 2)

NOTE: This was recorded in MineSaga 1.0. Behaviour may have changed in 2.0. I’ll record new video in 2.0 soon.

In this episode I look at 2 OP cobble generators that can be used early on in the game. Note: Sponge does not seem to be generated any more. 🙁

Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have a better solution. Shoot me the info to twitter.

I’m playing Sky Block on MineSaga. I’m playing in the Western realm which is the one that Impulse SV is playing in.

Twitter: @FizediMC

Music Credit: Асим & GaTTi – Best Days (2017)

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