Minesaga S03E04: Silverfish with Sell portals

Episode 4 of the season and we are playing with our silverfish collection.

Silverfish farm seen on Boodlyneck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjs6P_SQT58&t=682s

We check out the donation wall and kill a few bosses.

I’m playing in the Western realm in Minesaga’s Sky Block. Come say hi and give me gifts!!! 😛

Want to play on the Moof server? We are opening up the server for 20 new mature members. Builders and people wanting to record and put on YouTube are encouraged to apply. Join the Moof discord server for more information and link to application form.

Music Credit: Асим & GaTTi – Best Days (2017)
#Skyblock #Minesaga #Fizedi