1.17 Snapshot. Final – Goodbye world and new series announcement! Minecraft SMP With Friends.

A few friends jump onto a server and have a play in the 1.17 CAVES AND CLIFFS snapshots.
There are so many great features coming to Minecraft in the caves and cliffs update. What’s your favourite 1.17 feature so far?

Episode 5: Time to say goodbye. But there is an exciting announcement for the next series.
0:00 Hello!
1:34 Bobert’s Prank on me
2:30 Installed a train line to Bobert’s Portal
3:30 We played a prank on Bobert!
5:30 Goodbye – Remember to like and subscribe to Fizedi2
The following people star in this video:
BobertPickle: https://www.youtube.com/BobertPickle

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