Vanilla Server – Pickle Jar

Welcome to the FizPickle Vanilla Server (Pickle Jar). The next few pages have been fermented to help you get a full flavour from the server. Our aim is to provide a fun enviroment for you to build and share this experience with other people who also enjoy that pickled flavour.

First place to go would be to the rules as to help all on the server have a fulfilled experiance we must all have the same dinning eticate.

To enhance the flavor or this server we have seasoned it with some quality of life pluggins. Some of these are bacground plugins to help with grife prevention and a server curency. Others are for your use to ferther help with protecting your builds and to help with forming a shopping district for you to buy and sell to eachother. We have an ingame curency added to the server so you can trade with each other through the building of shops. The curency is shown as $ but will be called ___. There is also a variety of commands that will be at your disposle to enhance your experiance whist active on the server.

For a full list and links to help you with these added extras please Go to Vanilla Help