Sky Bees, Modded Minecraft 1.16 | My First Modded Series! | E01

Minecraft Sky Bees | A NEW TWIST ON SKYBLOCK! #1 [Modded Questing Skyblock] with @BobertPickle

Playing SkyBlock with a bee twist!

In this episode (which I am sorry came out sooo late!) I learn a little about the Sky Bees mod pack, get started with the twerking and the sifting.

About Sky Bees Modpack:
Sky Bees is a 1.16.5 skyblock mod pack with quests that uses the resourceful bees mod as it’s primary source of resource generation, other notable mods include: Ex Nihilo, Powah, Industrial Foregoing, Astral Sorcery, Mekanism, Refined Storage & Botania! The pack also features many recipe changes, creating a completely new progression through the different mods!

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